Life In Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette is the fourth largest city in Louisiana. The city has an interesting rich local history and is a great place to live.

The town was founded by a French speaking Acadian who emigrated from Canada in 1821. Originally called Vermilionville, it was renamed in 1884 after General Lafayette, a military hero who fought during the American Revolutionary War.

The entire city was based on agriculture until natural gas and petroleum took over as the general industry the economy was dependent upon. Now, the city enjoys a bustling tourism industry, thanks to its Cajun influence in food and culture.

Likewise, their restaurant and food services trades are bustling, thanks to a nationwide fascination with Cajun cooking, Lafayette has the highest number of restaurants per capita in the United States. For more information on property and available homes in the area, contact a real estate professional near you.

Thanks to its great tourism in the area, Lafayette is packed with things to do for visitors and residents alike. You may want to visit historic Acadian Village, a monument to the first settlers of the area. It serves as a folk life museum, filled with artifacts that give you a peek into rural life in the Arcadian society during the 19th century.

Lafayette also houses the beautiful Acadiana Center for the Arts, a cultural facility for fine arts exhibition and other international touring exhibits. If you have children, be sure to take them to the Children’s Museum of Acadiana, where they will get to have a hands-on experience in discovering about other cultures and communities.

The place is also the restaurant capital of the United States, so make sure that you save some room for traditional Cajun cooking. During the Eat Lafayette Festival, foodies will be happy to find discounts and specials all over the city for their tasting pleasure.

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Support the local businesses

I know I was planning on going on about all the amazing things you can do in New Orleans and I am planning on doing just that. But with the way the oilfield is now, and so many businesses are hurting because of the lack of income from so many of their customers, I thought I would try to start mentioning some local businesses.

Before I get to all the super awesome fun stuff about the Crescent City, I will go through a few standout companies that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the recent past. Obviously, this is my blog so these are my opinions and I haven’t been everywhere, so don’t get upset if you feel another company is more deserving. I just might not have ever heard of them.

I mean, it is a HUGE city, is it not?

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In The Beginning

New Orleans is known for its great food, attractions and great music. There are so many places to visit and things that you can do in New Orleans. What is even more appealing is that there are so many things you could possibly do in New Orleans and not even exhaust everything in a lifetime and some of the activities are totally free. The following are some of the top things to do when you are in New Orleans.

  1. Entergy giant screen theater.

The Entergy giant screen theater is one of the largest theaters found in the Gulf south. The films show casing there are unique and original award-wining films. Drinks and food are available; the location is also convenient as it is near Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, right down the road from Bourbon Street. They have a dynamic surround sound system and the films are in 3-D, this gives you one of the best film views enhancing the whole cinema experience.

  1. Hard rock café.

The hard rock cafe not only has a memorabilia of music collection; but it also provides you with a rock n’ roll setting. They offer a two course dinner or lunch that is an American cuisine. The best part of it all, you get to sip on a Hurricane drink that is world renowned. The sitting arrangement is also quite comfortable.

  1. World War 2 museum.

This is a total fun to-do for history lovers. The museum has over 100,000 artifacts that are authentic and, it is the official United States World War 2 museum. You get to hear stories from veterans and the home front civilians on a personal level. Even better you can ask all the questions you want to know. The film beyond all boundaries is shown in 4-D panorama.

  1. Audubon Aquarium of the Americans.

This has fun written all over it for all ages. It is interactive as the exhibits are hands on. You are able to see a variety of tropical fish and feel like you are one with them. Both local and exotic sea animals are there. There is also a tunnel for viewing sharks. I have personally been there many times with my children and the kids have always had a great time. (Especially in the summer when it’s so hot outside)

Street sign for the world famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans famous for its party atmosphere

  1. French quarter.

If you love your peace and silence then the best time to visit the French quarter is during the day. But it would be more fun at night, Bourbon Street to be precise. It is loud at night and there are fortune tellers, street performers, the bars are rowdy and it is crowded. But isn’t that what you’re there for?

Charming New Orleans

  1. Creole/ Cajun dining.

There are hands on policy so you can get to learn how to stir, taste and plate. This gives you the chance to experience the culinary offerings they have. You can have simple and easy recipes that you could recreate when you are home ranging from dinner, lunch or even brunch. You cannot miss out on tasting their world famous Cajun food.

  1. Louisiana lunch experience.

There are various culinary offers. You get to spend an intimate noon just drinking and eating like you are a local. Their produce is farm picked and fresh. There is learning how to make a cocktail and they have an interactive policy where you can help to stir or with the tasting and platting. Then there is a fisherman’s daily catch making the food experience even better.



  1. Garden district.

Garden district is quite peaceful and as the name sounds, there are gardens, trees and very beautiful homes. Walking through it is not only relaxing but it also gives out the feeling of nature all around you. It also makes one learn to appreciate architecture as the houses are done beautifully and they are all unique. The property has been preserved well and anyone in New Orleans ought to visit it.

  1. Aerial tour.

The aerial tour is quite fun because you get to ride in a piper or cessna aircraft that is small. You can clearly see the beautiful scenery, considering most of the places are strategically located near each other. The view is just amazing and you could even take spectacular pictures from the aerial view.

Elegant horse-drawn carriage in French Quarter, New Orleans

  1. Sight seeing.

There are tour buses to take you around the city. From the bus you can get a clear view of the captivating streets and even ask to stop. There is variety of ways to go sightseeing you could go on boat or cruise rides, this makes the experience better. There are even bikes for rental or you could go on a motorcycle ride while still sightseeing.

New Orleans has got a lot of places to see and things to do, those mentioned are just but a few. Like I stated earlier most of the things are free ranging from art exhibitions to free music and oysters every Friday at Le Bon Temps Roule music club.