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Innovating Together: 

EU-LAC Digital Partnership

Innovating Together: 
EU-LAC Digital Partnership

SPIDER is unleashing the power of the BELLA network and bridging the gap between EU – LAC digital dialogue commitments and their practical implementation.

EU- LAC Collaboration

Enhancing EU-LAC strategic partnership in digital transformation and R&I.

Human-centered approach

Ensuring an inclusive, people-focused, and sustainable digital transformation.

BELLA network potential

Expanding the digital ecosystem to new countries in LAC.

Multi-stakeholder platform

Bringing together relevant R&I actors from both regions.

Digital transformation and R&I are crucial for countries’ growth. With SPIDER, by fully exploiting the potential of the BELLA network and EU-LAC digital dialogues, we can maximize opportunities by creating a strategic partnership between the EU and LAC while addressing global challenges and enhancing competitiveness through knowledge exchange.

Carlos Gamboa, RedCONARE

EU-LAC Digital Dialogues Implementation Forum (DIF)

Facilitating dialogues
and policy debate for EU-LAC cooperation in R&I

The EU-LAC Digital Dialogues Implementation Forum (DIF) and its Working Groups are the cornerstone of SPIDER´s strategy to facilitate the exchange of best practices and the application of R&I commitments from EU-LAC digital dialogues.

The DIF is unique of its kind in international cooperation in R&I, connecting relevant stakeholders from both regions to encourage dialogues, facilitate knowledge exchange, and foster digital transformation.


News and updates

In the inaugural SPIDER workshop held on December 14th, 2023, CEDIA spearheaded efforts within Work Package 1 (Framework for enhancing EU-LAC cooperation on digital transformation)...
SPIDER’s purpose is to unlock the untapped potential of the BELLA network, ensuring its full utilization for impactful results in EU-LAC cooperation in research and innovation (R&I). To ...
The longstanding tradition of collaboration between the European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) regions on digital transformation and R&I has taken a significant le...
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