Working Group 2

DEI - Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Working Group 2 will promote the effective application of DEI principles and values to EU-LAC cooperation on digital transformation. The discussions will enhance understanding of the capabilities needed to integrate an intersectional gender dimension into R&I content, such as assessing research design, expertise, or other support for research teams in the digital ecosystems of LAC and Europe.


Our members

Liisa Ketolainen

Gender Equality Expert, Digital for Development (D4D) Hub

Cristina López

Researcher at LifeSTech, UPM

Cristian Patiño

Specialist in Quality Management and Sustainability, CEDIA

Constanza Bohle

Institutional Excellence Incentive Program Coordinator, University of Chile

Alice Rangel de Paiva Abreu

Professor Emerita, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Alejandra Davidziuk

Outreach Manager, BrainLat Institute

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