Fostering the longstanding EU-LAC collaboration for an inclusive digital transformation

SPIDER is a European Union-funded project that extends the longstanding tradition of collaboration between the European Union and Latin-American and the Caribbean concerning digital transformation and R&I. 

BELLA network's full potential

To support the exploitation of the BELLA network’s full potential alongside the implementation of outcomes of EU-LAC digital dialogues, SPIDER involves key R&I stakeholders from both regions to set a common and orchestrated vision that fosters an inclusive, human-centered and sustainable digital transformation.
This collaborative perspective has encouraged the creation of the EU-LAC Digital Dialogues Implementation Forum (DIF), a pioneering multi-stakeholder platform designed to foster dialogues, promote policy debate and facilitate the implementation of R&I commitments from EU-LAC digital dialogues
The BELLA Programme is a transformative initiative supporting the enduring interconnectivity of European and Latin American research and education communities through the deployment of ‘EllaLink,’ a groundbreaking 6,000 km submarine cable.

This initiative facilitates unprecedented scientific, cultural, and business exchange, empowering the sharing of high-performance computing and Earth observation data. EllaLink’s fiber-optic cable signals a transformative leap in digital collaboration, significantly enhancing connectivity for researchers and academics across continents.


To maximize the BELLA network’s potential and implement digital dialogue outcomes for enhanced EU-LAC cooperation in R&I, SPIDER will pursue the following objectives:


Provide a framework for enhancing EU-LAC cooperation on R&I.


Maximize and promote the potential of the BELLA network for R&I cooperation and ensure the sustainable use of the infrastructure by stimulating the adoption and use of digital transformation technologies.


Launch the EU-LAC Digital Dialogues Implementation Forum (DIF)


Establish a Twinning Programme to support the development of digital partnerships and new business opportunities benefiting from BELLA infrastructure and addressing its challenges.


Increase visibility of the project actions, awareness raising and engagement with relevant stakeholders from EU and LAC.

Expected Outcomes and Impacts

Support the implementation of commitments related to R&I resulting from digital dialogues with key countries and sub-regional organizations in LAC.
Develop a roadmap for future R&I cooperation with the LAC region and relevant national, regional, and international funding schemes for its application.
Report on synergies and commonalities in policies, strategies, and programmes related to R&I between the EU and partner countries.
Promote EU values for a human-centered digital transformation and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Increase inclusiveness by supporting a human-centered approach to technology development aligned with European social and ethical values (including gender and intersectional aspects) as well as with sustainability.
Support sustainable, high-quality jobs by targeting skills mismatches, the need to empower workers, including those at risk of social exclusion, and ethical considerations relating to technological progress.
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