SPIDER’s First Face-to-Face Encounter Sets Stage for EU-LAC Digital Partnership

The recent face-to-face meeting of the SPIDER project consortium in Madrid marked a significant step forward in fostering digital cooperation between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC).

Over two days, partners engaged in discussions, presentations, and strategic planning sessions aimed at advancing the project’s objectives and strengthening collaborative efforts.

Led by Maria Cabrera and Luciana Ayciriex, the meeting began with an introduction to the framework for enhancing EU-LAC cooperation on digital transformation, a crucial aspect of Work Package 1. This set the stage for in-depth presentations on key concepts and initiatives propelling the project forward.

Among the highlights of the encounter were:

  • Sharing of a concept note outlining the vision for EU-LAC cooperation on digital transformation, focusing on mapping dialogue commitments and thematic priorities.
  • Discussions on strategies to leverage the BELLA network for research and innovation cooperation, including the implementation of surveys and focus groups.
  • Insights into the execution of the EU-LAC Digital Dialogues Implementation Forum (DIF) and its working groups, with a focus on human-centric digital transformation and diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Outlining of plans for the Twinning Programme, aimed at connecting EU and LAC innovation hubs to foster collaboration on digital transformation technologies.
  • Emphasis on dissemination, exploitation, and communication strategies to ensure effective outreach and engagement in driving project impact.

Throughout the meeting, participants exhibited a strong commitment to advancing the EU-LAC Digital Partnership. The productive discussions and outlined next steps underscored the consortium’s dedication to realizing a future where innovation knows no bounds.

In conclusion, the SPIDER project’s inaugural face-to-face meeting in Madrid was both inspiring and productive, laying a solid foundation for sustained EU-LAC digital cooperation.

With a unified vision and strategic roadmap in place, the consortium is well-positioned to make meaningful strides toward its goals, fostering a thriving digital partnership between Europe and Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Learn more about how SPIDER is expanding R&I collaboration and digital connectivity between the EU and LAC.

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